March 23, 2016

Energy Storage

Solworks Energy designs and installs storage solutions for residential, and commercial clients. We design with state of the art lithium ion, lithium iron, and hybrid battery technologies, first in class inverters, and revolutionary energy management software to maximize efficiency and returns. Our storage systems allow for solar self-consumption, islanding capability, and rate optimization. We customize our solutions based on our client's unique individual needs and goals.

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Solar Self Consumption

Our energy storage solutions allow our clients to consume more of their clean renewable energy while staying connected to the local grid. This is particularly attractive to those who live in areas where net-metering policies are less than ideal.



You will have peace of mind knowing that you will have power even when the grid is down. Your back up panel will keep the lights on, keep you connected, and the refrigerator running. Our solar plus storage systems will recharge after the storm passes and the sun is shining again.


Rate Optimization

For commercial clients we offer storage solutions that can reduce or eliminate demand charges. For clients with time of use rates our systems make it possible for them to charge the storage systems when electricity cost less and use it when it is most expensive.